The Comedy Insider podcast is a serious conversation about comedy.

The Comedy Insider Podcast

Episode 7 | Adam Resnick

Scott talks with Adam Resnick, co-creator of the Fox TV series Get a Life, staff writer for Late NIght with David Letterman, writer-director of Cabin Boy, and author of Will Not Attend.

Episode 6 | Andrew Daly

Andrew Daly patches in remotely to talk with Scott about his prolific career in improv, stand-up, writing, and acting. The star and executive producer of Comedy Central’s Review, Andrew has appeared in a number of other movies and TV shows, including Semi-Pro, Eastbound & Down and Yogi Bear. He pops up frequently as a number of different characters on Comedy Bang Bang.

Episode 4 | Kelly Leonard

Scott talks with Kelly Leonard, who runs Chicago’s Second City. He recently wrote (with Tom Yorton) Yes And, a book outlining the practical applications of The Second City’s core comedy philosophy.

Episode 1 | David Javerbaum

Scott talks with multiple-Emmy-winning comedy writer David Javerbaum about his work on The Daily Show, America: The Book, and his Broadway play, An Act of God (starring Jim Parsons as God), which is based on both his humor book, The Last Testament: A Memoir, by God, and his insanely popular twitter feed, @TheTweetOfGod.