Author: Scott

Episode 49 | Dan Povenmire

Writer, director, cartoonist, and voice artist Dan Povenmire talks about his adventures in Hollywood creating the enormously successful Phineas and Ferb for Disney.

Episode 48 | Alex Stevenson

Cartoonist and writer Alex Stevenson talks about developing her web comic “Cartoons Hate Her” on social media, pushing boundaries, and building a fanbase.

Episode 47 | JaMarr John Johnson

“Entrepremedian” JaMarr John Johnson talks with Scott about how comedians can exploit Web3 and Crypto to make more money, starting by helping Scott create his “Jim Key” to turn fans into owners.

Episode 46 | Sean Tejaratchi is the Internet’s funniest, most original, and most undiscovered treasure. Scott chats with its creator, Sean Tejaratchi, to find out where it came from and how it can be so funny.

Episode 45 | Justine Bateman

Actress, writer, and director Justine Bateman talks about fame, being on the top sitcom in the country, getting older in show business, and why it’s important to take comedy seriously.

Episode 44 | Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt is an Emmy- and Grammy-winning comedian and actor known for insightful comedy specials and roles in hit TV shows and movies like The King of Queens, Ratatouille, and the new M.O.D.O.K. on Hulu.

Episode 43 | Mike Sacks

Mike Sacks is the bestselling author of Stinker Lets Loose, Passable in Pink, and the excellent comedy-writer interview books Here’s the Kicker and Poking a Dead Frog.

Episode 42 | Anne Libera

Founder of the Comedy Studies program at Columbia College and comedy professor Anne Libera talks comedy history, comedy theory, and why it all matters.

Episode 41 | Michael Gerber

Michael Gerber talks about his hard-won career in comedy writing for TV, writing parody novels, and finally editing and publishing The American Bystander magazine.

Episode 40 | Margaret Cho

Veteran stand-up comic, writer and actress Margaret Cho talks about getting started in the 80s comedy boom, her TV show, and her thoughts on writing and performing stand-up.