The How To Write Funny podcast is a serious conversation about comedy.

The How To Write Funny Podcast

Episode 27 | Kurt Luchs

Kurt Luchs, founder and editor of The Big Jewel, talks with Scott about his unusual and varied comedy career. Kurt’s new book , “It’s Funny Until Someone Loses an Eye (Then It’s Really Funny),” just hit bookstores.

Episode 25 | Lee Camp

Political comedian and activist Lee Camp sits down with Scott to talk comedy, activism, and creating his weekly political comedy TV show, “Redacted Tonight.”

Episode 24 | Kevin Avery

Scott talks with Emmy-winning writer Kevin Avery. Kevin is a successful bay-area stand-up comic who got into TV writing with his friend and writing-partner W. Kamau Bell. He joined the original staff of John Oliver’s show before its debut in 2014.

Episode 23 | Sarah Cooper

Scott talks with Sarah Cooper, founder of The Cooper Review, who parlayed a viral humor article into a 3-book deal. Her first book, 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings comes out this week.

Episode 22 | Seth Reiss

Late Night with Seth Meyers staffer and former Onion head writer Seth Reiss talks with Scott about his humor-writing process, mindset, and how he landed the best internships in comedy.

Episode 21 | Dave Eggers

Scott talks with Dave Eggers, founder of McSweeney’s, Might magazine, and 826 National, the non-profit with the cool storefronts that tutors kids and encourages them to write. His latest novel is “Heroes of the Frontier,” which comes out today.

Episode 20 | Matt Abramson

Matt Abramson’s company Cap Gun produced a funny web series called Teachers, which is now a series on TVLand. Scott spoke to Matt when the show was just a pilot. They talk about how to build success with a web series, and how ties with advertisers can be a help or a hinderance.

Episode 19 | Steve Dildarian

TV and commercial copywriter Steve Dildarian enjoyed two seasons of his own funny and critically acclaimed animated series on HBO, The Life and Times of Tim.

Episode 18 | Jermaine Affonso

Scott talks with Jermaine Affonso, a former writer for The Onion who’s now the Editor in Chief of Clickhole, which many have called the funniest site on the Internet.